Room Temperature - Between 85-100 degrees

Breathe.Bend.Burn the poses are held longer in order to cultivate both a strong body and a quiet mind. The studio is heated and all levels are welcome.

Buti Yoga

Room is not heated

Buti Yoga workouts transform your BODY + SOUL with cardio-intensive bursts of tribal dance, primal movement, and core conditioning woven into a dynamic yoga practice.  These workouts will keep your body guessing and get your creativity flowing. Get ready to let go and have some fun!

Candlelight Roll & Restore

Room is not heated

This class is suitable for anyone looking for the perfect blend of yoga basics & deep stretches. Candlelight Roll & Restore will begin with simple stretches & a short easy vinyasa flow to warm the body. The Shakti yoga wheel will be used for deep stretching & relaxation to round out the perfect evening! All levels. Beginners welcome and encouraged!

Core Vinyasa


A fun & challenging class that combines power vinyasa with core strengthening. A power class with time spent flowing & learning to engage the core while building strength. All levels welcome. Room temperature will exceed 100 degrees.

Essential Oils Vinyasa Flow (warmed)

Room Temperature - 75-85 degrees

This class will awaken your senses while exploring traditional vinyasa yoga. The structure of the class will be ideal for all ages and experience levels of yoga. Enjoy a class that will enhance your yoga practice with essential oils diffused into the atmosphere, topically applying the oil, and learning the benefits for your health, emotions and spirit.


Room Temperature - Below 75 degrees

Bring your relaxation to the next level in this gentle restorative flow at Breathe & Bend's very own Salt Mine. With the Halo (salt) generator running you will experience all the benefits of yoga & salt therapy at the same time. Halo therapy is said to help muscle recovery, increase oxygen intake, detoxify the body, and reduce stress, anxiety, and fatigue. Sign up now and lets get salty. Limited space available. Open to all levels.

HOT Shakti Shred


HOT Shakti Shred is a 45 minute fun and challenging class where vinyasa flow meets high intensity interval training (HIIT), muscle toning, and cardio in a heated room.  This practice burns fat and creates long, lean muscle-mass with rapid results.   Performed on a yoga mat.  All levels welcome.

Ladder Flow

Room Temperature - Exceeds 100 degrees

Creative Vinyasa poses will be stacked, one after the other, and create a Ladder Flow. Yogis should expect a lot of movement a lot of sweat & more importantly, a lot of FUN! 

Power Vinyasa Flow

Room Temperature - Exceeds 100 degrees

Power Vinyasa Flow is a more intentional progression of postures linked together with breath. This class is great for new students to gain familiarity with Vinyasa classes, but also a solid workout for experienced practitioners. It’s a truly balanced experience of intensity and relaxation. Props and modifications are offered for proper alignment and ease in the postures. This class is the perfect place to begin and deepen your Vinyasa practice!

Power Vinyasa Flow (warmed)

Room Temperature - 90 degrees

Warm Vinyasa Flow is our standard class with a variety of sequencing and a little less heat. This class is perfect for all experience levels ranging from beginner to advanced and is a great way to try out some heat before moving onto our hot classes. 

Power Vinyasa+Shakti Yoga Wheel Method

Room will be heated

MUST attend a "Intro to Wheel" Workshop before attending this class for safety & wheel fundamentals 


The first section of this class is a challenging Power Vinyasa, a more intentional progression of postures linked together with breath followed by exploring the possibilities of the Shakti Yoga Wheel Method. The Shakti Yoga Wheel Method is a modern hatha yoga system combining all levels of one's being: the body, the mind, and the heart. It is a completely new way to experience heart opening stretches while increasing strength and stamina. The Shakti Yoga wheel method serves and honors all levels of age, experience or ability, from young adults to seniors, from students with special therapeutic needs to advanced practitioners. Room will be heated.


Room temperature will not exceed 90 degrees

Restorative is a class which incorporates a thoughtful practice targeting mind, body, and spirit. This class begins with the mindful practice of gratitude, through a series of breathing techniques, sun salutations and guided empowerment through a variety of poses focused on Restorative asanas and flexibility. During this class you will focus on creating feelings of joy, freedom, and overall wellness.

Sound OFF

Get ready to take your Yoga practice on a journey that is next level!  Using noise canceling headphones you will be able to tune out the noise around you and truly connect to the core elements of class while still hearing the instructors voice as if they were speaking directly to you.

SUP Yoga

Beginners & advanced alike will enjoy the waters of our private Lotus Lake. Your SUP Yoga teacher will guide you through a practice that starts slowly, letting you get used to the floating surface. You will then move into a more dynamic vinyasa flow before slowing down to cool off and the enjoy the greatest Savasana you’ve ever experienced (truly!). Sky above you, water below you, surrounded by nature and the sun… What could be more blissful?

As a traveling Boga Yoga Studio we are also available to bring this class to your own private lake as well as public lakes for your private events. Contact the studio for more information and pricing.

Yoga For Life (suggested 55 & above)

Room temperature will not exceed 90 degrees

This 60-minute warmed class is designed especially for older yogis. Classes will begin and end on the mat (on the floor) with standing, movement and balancing in the middle. The goal is to improve strength, balance, flexibility, posture and mood. Yogis will discover new breathing techniques and learn traditional yoga poses. Bolsters, straps, blankets and blocks will be used to aid in progression of the poses and stretching. This class is for yogis who are able to transition from floor to standing on their own.

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Memberships & Packages

Ultimate Explorer Membership

Includes SoundOff, Halo Flow, and SUP PLUS 10% off retail, workshops, and special events.


Adventurer Membership

Includes unlimited yoga, 10% off retail, workshops, and special events.


Student Adventurer Membership

Includes unlimited yoga, ID required. Reserved for students up to 25 years old.


Ultimate Explorer ADD ON Membership

Includes 10% off retail, workshops, and special events. PLUS Halo Flow, SoundOff, and SUP


Yearly Ultimate Explorer Membership

Includes 10% off retail, workshops, and special events. PLUS Halo Flow, SoundOff, and SUP


Explorer Unlimited Package

Includes Unlimited Yoga, Halo Flow, SUP & SoundOFF.


Explorer 10 Class Package

Includes Halo Flow, SUP & SoundOFF.


Monthly Unlimited Package

Includes Unlimited Yoga


Single Drop In


10 Class Pass


1 Year Unlimited Package


SUP Yoga Single class


SUP Yoga 3 class Package


Private Sessions

Child yoga, birthday parties, daycare & private sessions available.

Please inquire for pricing

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