Happy Baby

Prental Massage for women in their second or third trimester, this gentle relief massage enhances comfort, improves circulation and promotes relaxation

Shavasana Signature

The perfect remedy for stress-induced tension, Shavasana Signature massage eases body and mind into deep relaxation. You'll fall in love with this classic's many nurturing benefits, such as improved circulation, invigorated skin, a calmed nervous system, and restored muscles

Weekend Warrior

Deep pressure to address underlying layers of muscle tissue and melt chronic tension away.

Salt Mine Massage

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Bring any massage into the Salt Mine! Call now for details on how to book!

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Have your massage in the Salt Mine for a small additional fee. Or make it a

90 minute massage!

+ Salt Mine Massage

For the ultimate massage, add $20 for the Salt Room


Happy Baby Prenatal Massage

1 hr: $65 / 90 min: $90

Prana Aromatherapy

1 hr: $65 / 90 min: $90

Shavasana Signature Massage

1 hr: $60 / 90 min: $85

Weekend Warrior Massage

1 hr: $65 / 90 min: $90

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