Breathe & Bend is the first - and only - Salt Room in the area that will cater to yoga along with meditation, relaxation, and massage therapy.  Imagine a cozy 500 sq ft room where the entire floor is covered with 4 inches of Himalayan salt. Now add relaxing music, zero gravity chairs, and salt decor to light the room.

The Salt Mine @ Breathe & Bend will heal from within by allowing you to breathe medical grade salt, which will open your bronchial system, increase your oxygen intake, and increase your red blood cell count. In addition, salt inhalation may reduce anxiety and depression while improving your overall health and mood. Salt rooms are also known to help stress, COPD, asthma, cystic fibrosis, upper respiratory conditions, depression, anxiety, and skin disorders.

Halo Flow

Bring your relaxation to the next level in this gentle restorative flow at Breathe & Bend's very own Salt Mine. With the Halo (salt) generator running you will experience all the benefits of yoga & salt therapy at the same time. Halo therapy is said to help muscle recovery, increase oxygen intake, detoxify the body, and reduce stress, anxiety, and fatigue. Sign up now and lets get salty. Limited space available. Open to all levels.

A Day at the Salt Mine - $100

Ready for a spa day? This includes 1 group yoga session, 1 60 minute massage ( Savasana), and a 45 minute Salt Mine session. *All services must be used in one calendar day.

Salt Mine Sessions

Safe for ALL ages

45 minute session: $35  /  30 minute kids session: $20

5 visits: $100  /  30 minute kids session: $75

10 visits: $180  /  30 minute kids session: $130

Month Unlimited: $199

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Robes are available for maximum spa experience

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