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The Salt Mine


Breathe & Bend is the first - and only - Salt Room in the area that will cater to yoga along with meditation, relaxation, and massage therapy.  Heal from within by breathing in medical grade salt which will open your bronchial system, increase your oxygen intake, and increase your red blood cell count.


What is Halotherapy?

Halotherapy is a salt based treatment that can alleviate a number of conditions such as anxiety, depression, COPD, asthma, cystic fibrosis, upper respiratory conditions, and skin disorders.

Salt rooms are also known to help stress and improve your overall health and mood.


Enjoy yin and restorative classes in the salt mine.

No need for your yoga mat we provide all the props to allow you to find rest, relaxation, and refreshed.

Drop in $30

5 for $120

10 for $220

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Halotherapy Massage

Find relaxation and restoration during this 60 minute or 90 minute Halotherapy massage in our very own Salt Mine!


Breathe in all the benefits of Halotherapy while finding release of sore muscles and fatigue.  Our massage therapists will provide custom pressure and focus on the areas you need it the most.



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Carve out sometime to unplug and relax. Our Salt Mine is the ultimate ZEN DEN! Our salt sessions consist of 45 minutes relaxing in our zero gravity chairs. Please note this is not a guided class or a private session.

45 minute session: $28  

5 visits: $100 

10 visits: $180  

Appointment Required​

Please email us at


Halo Energetic Alignment

Enjoy a 50 minute session Halo Energetic Alignment with certified empowered energetics practitioner Amanda Hugo Reiki level 3 master teacher. 


During this session you will find deep relaxation and balance through soft touch and energy work. The purpose is to draw upon the bodies natural healing ability by opening energy flows and clearing emotional blocks allowing the body to detoxify. Held in our very own salt mine you will receive all the benefits of halo therapy while working in a safe and positive space.


This session is not a massage and instead focuses on becoming mindful and balanced. 


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