Breathe & Bend is a luxurious wellness center located on one acre in Albers, IL. Within our 4500+ square foot sanctuary, we offer yoga classes, massage therapy, and a Himalayan salt room for the ultimate healing experience. Natural & earthy. Welcoming & zen. The cozy ambiance from the earth tone colors and gentle glow from the natural light will help you achieve a deep zen state of being and melt away stress.  Breathe & Bend's state of the art studio features a spacious lobby, 2 expansive yoga rooms, a luxury salt room, a lush massage therapy room, shower equipped locker rooms among other beautiful and striking details:

• 12 Foot Ceilings

• Infrared Hot Yoga Heaters

• Pryzm Luxury Waterproof Flooring

• Air Extraction (removes humidity & sweat)     + Heat Exchange (brings in fresh air)

• Standing Water Feature 

• Retail Boutique

• Handicap Accessible 

• Beautiful Lake 


Escape every day chaos and discover soothing benefits by indulging in our unique amenities:

• Lounge Area

• WiFi

• Complimentary Coffee Cart

• Manduka Mat & Towel Rentals

• Women's Locker Room - Equipped with 2 spacious showers, bath towels, and top-of-the-line bath products

• Men's Locker Room - Equipped with 1 spacious shower, bath towels, and top-of-the-line bath products









Breathe & Bend offers space rentals for private events including workshops, bridal & baby events, family gatherings, birthday or holiday parties, and other special events. Our spacious haven holds 80-100 people and opens to an outdoor area with additional optional seating. Rentals are available on Saturdays and Sundays, starting at $250. To learn more about renting at Breathe & Bend, please contact us at 618-248-1515 or email us at